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Installation requirements : Full Admin Rights,15GB free disk space, NET Framework 2.0 or 4.0, Deactivated Windows Defender / Anti-Virus & Deactivated Firewall, Index for fast file search . You can download ETKA 8 latest software from here ETKA 8 installation and Updated Guide,mainly quotated from original post 1. Now we have to install the Updates, We will need Update State 1185-711-717-1185 for upgrading to ETKA 8 If you have installed the Germany version, download the Germany Updatesfile, unpack it and install the updates one by one in ascending order. To keep you installation up-to-date you can use the ETKA Updater –startetka updates v1.8.EXE after installing ETKA 7.5 PLUS International or Run the Patch ETK75P-PATCH-GER. Needed Files in the attached link: ETKA75_Germany_Updates_2017If you have installed the International version, download the International Updates file, unpack it and install the updates one by one in ascending order. EXEfrom the ETKA8_Germany_Upgrade_2017archive for the Germany Version. EXEfrom the ETKA8_International_Upgrade_2017archive for the International Version. After Downloading you have to start ETKA and follow the update process.Diagnostic Tool Vendors If you are a Diagnostic Tool Vendor you can purchase information, click here to find out more.ETKA 2010 Version 3 VIN Filter Search & Online Update Code: Year: 2010 Version: 7.0 (3600) 7.2 Developer: Tecar Forum Language: English German, Russian Tabletka: Present VIN search.

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ETKA 8 V2017 is a full version of the Original VW/SEAT/SKODA/AUDI Electronic Parts Catalogue including the latest updates, which you can install native or virtual [VM] on every Windows 7/8/10 32Bit System.

Free download ETKA 7.5 electronic catalogue for VAG group VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat and installation guide here.

Also, some frequently asked questions (FAQ) can be found here.

Asking for pirated copies of ETKA certainly is not the way to go!

That said, https://ifinterface.com/prog/car/cp2/I found this link a while back.

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