Updating information in the health collection

Generally, the regulations set out: (* The indicative fee amounts reflect that fee unit values are rounded to 1 decimal point, and that in calculating fee amounts, fees are rounded to the nearest 10 cents.

The fee unit value of .53 applies to 2012-13 and has been used in the above calculations.

A key objective of the regulations is to strike an appropriate balance between allowing adequate cost recovery for organisations and not setting maximum fees that are prohibitive for applicants.

These regulations apply when an individual is exercising a statutory right to obtain access to, or requests the transfer of, health information under the Act.

The access regime and the HPPs are designed to protect privacy and promote patient autonomy, whilst also ensuring safe and effective service delivery, and the continued improvement of health services.

The HPPs generally apply to: Complaints about interferences with privacy (breaches of Part 5 of the Act or an HPP) are handled by the Health Services Commissioner.

If you wish to apply for your records that are held by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, please visit Freedom of Information.

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(For example, if providing access to information would have an unreasonable impact on the privacy of another person.) Regulation 5 and schedule 1 to the regulations set out the maximum fees that may be charged by a private sector organisation when it provides a copy or an accurate summary, allows the individual to inspect the health information (with an opportunity to take notes), or allows the individual to view the information (without the opportunity to take notes).The Act applies to the health, disability and aged care information handled by a wide range of public and private sector organisations.This includes health service providers, and also other organisations that handle such information. Does the organisation provide a health, disability or aged care service?For example: The Health Privacy Principles (HPPs) in the Act apply to health information that is handled in Victoria. When an organisation provides a health, disability or aged care service, the HPPs apply to all identifying personal information originally collected by the organisation in the course of providing that service. Such a provider is referred to in the Act as a "health service provider".This will include personal information collected to provide services by: 2.

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