Updating old iphone

Once i Tunes is launched, it should automatically detect that a new version of the operating system exists and prompt you to upgrade to it. Before updating, you will want to manually sync your i Pad to make sure everything is up to date. After canceling the dialog box, i Tunes should automatically sync with your i Pad. If i Tunes doesn't automatically sync, you can manually do it by selecting your i Pad within i Tunes, clicking on the File menu and choosing Sync i Pad from the list. After your i Pad has been synced to i Tunes, select your i Pad within i Tunes. It takes a few minutes to update the operating system during which time your i Pad may reboot a few times. After updating, you may be asked a few questions when your device finally boots back up.You can find it on the left side menu under Devices. This is to account for new settings and features. Cheers, Tom 😉I have the original i Pad, which does not have a Software Update function under Settings.I need to have download ios5 first to get this feature.

When I did, I got the "verification failed" message again, and it returned me to the screen which listed my i Phone and i Pad.

Our users have been reporting that while attempting to update to the latest available i OS version 10.3.1, they receive a prompt asking them to enter their previous passcode. After several vexing weeks, I figured out how to get around this annoying bug.

The problem is that most of our users have trouble rememering their current passcode so how can we expect them to remember the previous one. After updating to i OS 10.3, my i Phone 7 prompted me to enter my i Phone passcode. Then it asked me to enter my "old passcode." The problem is, this device has never had any other passcode.

I have the original i Pad which does not have a Software Update function under Settings. Then select the i Pad under the Devices heading on the left, click on the Summary tab and then click on Check for Update.

I need to download ios5 first to get this function so that I can then download ios7. Tip - If connected to your computer, you may need to disable your firewall and anitvirus software temporarily. Be sure and backup your i Pad before the i OS update.

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