Updating subforms

Although technically a control, subforms have some form characteristics as well.Each subform represents one data view; that is, each subform control can have a single business view (BV) attached to it.Anyone know what could be causing the following problem: From the main form, when I change a value in a combo box, the subform doesn't refresh. I can provide more info if needed as I'm just typing this up for a co-worker who's at lunch.

There are even more of these situations when dealing with a table control.It helps others to know there was an accepted answer. It allows us to save pricing in the Workorder Services table without effecting the price in the Services table. Having trouble figuring out how to get the price from Services based on the listbox selection--and writing that price to the line item record Unit Price field. I'm using a my SQL back-end with real customer data, so I'll need to whip something up for you. Regards, B Base Subform Cascading Listbox Refresh Base: Grid control; edit mode; in order to set columns, the right click does not work anymore ???So, if I change the price of something in the Services table, it does not effect existing workorders (and vice-versa). thx, BHow to do this depends entirely upon the form construction & table details. I've been at this for 10 hours now and I'm pulling the plug for the day. Filling a form box with one table data, saving into another table's data.After associating a data structure with the parent, use the Mapping Links property to establish the data mapping between the parent and subform.Note: Because subforms can act as parents, they have the Mapping Links property.

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