Updating tables in a database

I tried changing mrp type and mrp controller field values for a material 123-L540-22.

But in the debugging mode in the return parameter of this fm i can see the message as 'The field MARC-MTVFP/BAPI_MARC-AVAILCHECK is defined as a required field; it doesnot contain any entry’.

By default, lookup field present those values in list form.

Depending on how database designer sets the lookup field, you can select one or more item from that list.

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Example, some tables like x, y, z, a, b,c (and more) are there in my DB.

In these, some tables are having field1(which has to update) and some tables dont have this field1.

I have a fairly complex database with a main input menu.You can do a lot more things with designing of the form in MS Access.Basically there are two basic types of forms: If you are a newbie Access user or not very familiar with the concept behind relational database. I want to update the values of some fields in marc and mvke tables by changing the field values in one screen.I am using BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEDATA function module for updating the database tables.

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