Updating tongue and groove oak panel

I will attribute it to longtime, continued interest in Early American interior decoration.

Building homes, early Americans would have used the materials at hand — and in the early colonies, that would have meant a lot of pine. These trees blanketed Northeast America (more on this subject further down).

During the postwar housing boom, the pine industry promoted its use with lots of advertising.

It was very accessible for handy, thrifty do-it-yourselfers.

The Wikipedia page on pinus strobus also says: species, was a highly desired wood since huge, knot-free boards were the rule rather than the exception.

Pine was common and easy to cut, thus many colonial homes used pine for paneling, floors and furniture. Native Plant Society of NJ Newsletter Winter 2003 pp 2–3.

It's not rocket science but it has to be done right.

It encouraged homeowners to use the paneling in their den, playroom, living room or kitchen.

So now we have three different terms to identify this paneling profile: Pickwick… Today, it seems that you can get Pickwick panels that are 4″, 6″, 8″ or 10″ wide.

Looking at the photo from Mod Betty above, I think that back in the day, panels might even have been wider — 12″? Note, The “face width” — the part showing — of any size panel will be less than its nominal width (the size of the board before it is assembled), because tongues get nested into grooves, making the “face width” less wide. If you use boards that are too narrow — like the 4″ — and it starts to look like bead board.

I also asked him if he knew how long the pattern had been available America, and while he did not know, he thought it had been available for quite a long time — since the early 20th century, at minimum. No pinus strobus here, it appears — it’s an East Coast wood.

Above: Yes, the 1960 catalog that we found says Americans have lived with knotty pine for generations…. This photo and the one above courtesy the MBJ Collection on

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