Updating worldship

For updating orders to your online store, you must import the XML file which is a reply from UPS World Ship which contains information about the orders along with the Order ID / Order number.Under Order Import/Export tab, you can export/update the order.In order to integrate Worldship seamlessly you will need to make a few database modifications.I have decided to use two tables ‘orders’ and ‘ups_order_tracking’.Note: If there is any mistake in your import file, your order update may not work as expected.For Sample UPS World Ship Order XML import file, navigate to Help tab.The ‘tracking’ column will hold the tracking number for this order.

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Every system is different, but this is a simple way that worked for me in the past.

The plugin takes UPS World Ship Order XML file as input.

It updates all metadata of the orders by importing XML file.

This is a great solution for a small to medium sized business that wants to automate their shipping process and communicate tracking information with their customers.

There are a few steps involved in integrating your system with UPS Worldship.

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