Updating zone file serial number convention

All directives and resource records should be entered on individual lines.Comments can be placed after semicolon characters ( Sets the default Time to Live (TTL) value for the zone.In the jargon this field is called MNAME field which is why we called it name-server. Email address of the person responsible for this zone and to which email may be sent to report errors or problems.In the jargon this is called the RNAME field which is why we called it email-addr.

Each resource record can contain its own TTL value, which overrides this directive. (Though it may follow $ORIGIN or $TTL directives.) owner-name ttl class rr name-server email-addr (sn ref ret ex min) If DDNS is not used this may be any suitable name server either within the zone file (in-zone) or in an external or foreign zone (also called out-of-zone or even out-of-bailiwick by those of a more literary bent or with a taste for the exotic). ( NOTE: We are reliably informed that while a blank is a perfectly valid format certain DNSSEC signing tools may choke on this format. Standard TTL values apply (range 0 to 2147483647 clarified by RFC 2181).directive is a numerical value used by slave servers to determine the length of time to wait before issuing a refresh request in the event that the master nameserver is not answering. ( 2001062501 ; serial 21600 ; refresh after 6 hours 3600 ; retry after 1 hour 604800 ; expire after 1 week 86400 ) ; minimum TTL of 1 day 1 IN PTR dns1. If the master has not replied to a refresh request before the amount of time specified in the directive is the amount of time other nameservers cache the zone's information. dns1 IN A dns2 IN A server1 IN A server2 IN A ftp IN A IN A mail IN CNAME server1 mail2 IN CNAME server2 www IN CNAME server1$ORIGIN 1.0.10.

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