Validating failed

A large number of assertions are available for validating received messages, some being specific for a certain type of Test Step and some being common for all Test Steps.

The assertions available for all Test Steps are: The example shown in the screenshot specifies a reqular expression checking for the string "Session ID" in the entire content of the message to be validated, note the "(?

Here we can see that the "Test Request - login" Test Step has failed, which in the Test Case Run Log at the bottom also displays details on the actual assertion failure; "took 1023 ms" means that the "SLA" assertion failed, i.e. Assertions are always displayed in a tab at the bottom of the containing Test Steps' editor window.

In the screenshot above you see the 3 assertions added to a SOAP Request Test Step and they all failed.

That information, along with your comments, will be governed by DISQUS’ privacy policy.Adding an assertion is straight forward; press the left-most button in the toolbar, which opens a dialog which prompts you to choose which assertion to add.The dialog will contain map of assertions available for the current type of sampler (see below), pressing OK will add the assertion and open its configuration dialog.Any number of assertions can be added to a sampler Test Step, each validating some different aspect or content of the response.After a sampler Test Step executes, all its assertions are applied to the received response and if any of them fail the Test Step is marked as failed in the Test Case view and a corresponding FAILED entry is shown in the Test Execution Log.

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