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The scope of LAR consist of the Line 3 corridor (underground and elevated section), Nhon Depot, and access line to the Depot.

A draft resettlement plan was prepared and updated in August 2015 according to ADB Safeguards Policy Statement.

As of September 2018, the project has achieved about 42.75% physical progress over the elapsed project life of 6 years.

Out of the total 13 contract packages, 12 have been awarded, while with package CP09 Fare and Ticketing System to be financed DGT is under procurement.

The Project will develop a new double track metro rail line in Ha Noi, which is one of four priority lines of a planned larger urban transportation system under the Ha Noi Urban Transport Master Plan (HUTMP).

The EIA provides a comprehensive assessment of potential adverse environmental impacts due to construction and operation of the Project.Estimated costs for implementing mitigation measures, monitoring activities and environmental training component are included in the EMP.In compliance with the SPS requirements, the draft full EIA was posted on ADB's website to meet the 120-day disclosure requirement.An environmental management plan (EMP) covering the depot, viaduct and tunnel sections of the Project has been prepared.The recommended environmental mitigation measures and monitoring activities cover the pre-construction, construction and operation stages of the project.

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