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The police found plates of food, a bottle of beer, and an opened bottle of champagne.

Though the surrounding rooms were occupied by people who loved and depended upon the singer, if she called for help she had gone unheard.After Whitney’s death, the singer Chaka Khan, a friend and fellow recovering addict, spoke out about the “vampires” of the “ugly ass” music business, lambasting all those who had allowed Houston, only nine months out of rehab, to arrive in the city of temptation a week before Davis’s party: “Whoever flew her out to perform at that party should’ve provided someone to be there, to somehow keep the riffraff from out of the situation, to keep some of the dangerous people away.” In the weeks that followed, a portrait of Whitney’s sudden relapse began to emerge.She had been spotted drinking vodka in Hollywood nightclubs to celebrate the 31st birthday of her alleged boyfriend, the singer-actor Willie “Ray J” Norwood, who was famous for being Kim Kardashian’s partner on an explicit 2007 sex tape.She even visited her friend Brandy Norwood and Clive Davis at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on the 9th of February, 2012, where they were rehearsing for the Grammy Awards.Two days after that Whitney Houston was found unconscious at The Beverly Hilton Hotel, drowned in the bathtub.

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