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The customer must see with their own eyes how easily, quickly, and effectively your product does what it does.Billy Mays battled Ben Franklin in Billy Mays vs Ben Franklin until he died from a heart attack, which resulted in having Vince Offer replace him. He was an American television advertisement salesperson and pitchman.In Chris's Biography Page on the CWCipedia, he lists BILLY MAYS as a "non-cannon" character, despite his appearance in central episodes of Chris's comics. December 2017 - present) At home: Bob Chandler | Barbara Chandler | Patti Chandler | The Chandler Cats | Clover and Snoopy Others: Anne Boleyn | Aunt Corrina | Cole Smithey | Daniel Weston | Minor Family Members Future: Crystal Weston Chandler | Lovely Weather | Reginald Chandler Sweethearts: Blanca Weiss | Julie | Catherine | Cryzel and Magi-Chan Ivy | Kacey | Jackie | Panda Halo Minor sweethearts: Emily | Faeryn | Hanna | Jessica Quinn | Lori Lopez | Sarah Jackson | Vanessa Hudgens Sweethearts-to-be: Doopie Do Over | Megan Schroeder | The Wallflower Gal-pals: Anna Mc Lerran | Clare Porter | Kellie Andes | Kim Wilson | Laura Dorazio | Sarah Nicole Hammer | Tiffany Gowen White knights: Jacob Sockness | Kenneth Erwin Englehardt | Robert Simmons V | William Elliott Waterman Guard Dogs: Null | The Captain | Marvin Others: DRWolf | Female fanbase | MLP voice actresses | Pokémon club friends | Rocky Shoemaker | Virginia Jeanine Sanford The Miscreants: Arjen Van Dierten | The Asperpedia Four (Alec Benson Leary, Evan Christopher George, Mao Ling, and Sean August Watley)| Bryan Bash | Clyde Cash | Jack Thaddeus | Jason Kendrick Howell | Joshua Martinez | Liquid Chris | Lordsillynipples | Man in the Pickle Suit | Sarah May | Surfshack Tito | Vivian Gee Famous people: BILLY MAYS | Jay Z | Jimmy Hill | Reggie Fils-Aimé | Shigeru Miyamoto | Takashi Tezuka Traitors: Arthur Spatchcock | Bryanfrogboy | CWCProtect Squad | Idea Guys | Jeff/Francine | Multidimensional White Knights | Teen Troon Squad | Sarah and Steve Others: Johan | Lady Of The Cosmo | Sam and Ellen | Surfshack Tito | Thorg PVCC: Kene Meniru | Mary Lee Walsh Jerkops: Bagget | Jerkhief Manajerks: B-Manajerk | Kirby | "Lady" Manajerk | Michael Snyder | Scot Palazzo | Turdijerk | W-M-Manajerk | Yellow-Shirted Foe The GAMe PLACe: Daniel Mimms | Lucas JERKS: Joseph Herring | Wes Iseli Others: Abusive babysitter | Bruce Johnson | Kathleen | executives | Pmurt | Sonic Boom producers | Rob Bell Famous people: Pmurt | Barack Obama | George W. In his Rollin' and Trollin' video, Chris laments the death of his "bodyguard" BILLY MAYS, and announces the near-completion of the BILLY MAYS Tower. And he seemed to lean forward, through the TV screen, and put his nose in your face, the way only pitchmen do. or were totally unaware of him (presumably Tivo owners). The truth is less flamboyant, and far more reasonable. Who better than Billy Mays could grab your attention () So how do you know if the product you’re currently selling or developing is great… You can show why your product or service is superior to your competitors by creating tables.

In Captain's Log, Stardate July 1st, 2009, Chris claims he didn't kill BILLY, but rather that BILLY was a victim of a fatal heart attack.

In Rollin' and Trollin' (17 July 2009) Chris talked about the construction of the BILLY MAYS Tower in CWCville as a memorial to his dead bodyguard. The slickness of the walls keeps him from climbing up them to save her.

However, the walls of text and general bad writing led to some confusion and the belief that he also died in the comic.

He also made a cameo appearance in Bob Ross vs Pablo Picasso. Mays appeared in many infomercials and became most famous for his work on marketing Oxi Clean, Orange Glo, Kaboom, and many other cleaning and maintenance products.

was born on July 20th, 1958, in Mc Kees Rocks, Pennsylvania.

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