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Russell is kind of like speed dating: he’s on to the next topic before the buzzer even goes off.Case in point: it’s been only ten minutes since the five-time Oscar nominee walked onto the set of our shoot in Pacific Palisades, and we’ve already covered topics ranging from Winston Churchill to Felicity Huffman’s change of hair color to The Nutty Professor.

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So with David O Russell formally abandoning the film ("I can no longer call it 'my' picture," he said in 2010), the test screening a disaster and no release date in sight, that appeared to be the end of will only be given a fairly low-key release - it will appear on video-on-demand services on the 10th February, then in theatres on the 20th.

From what we can gather, the response from that test screening wasn't particularly positive.

s producers, Wick and Fisher seemed to think that everyone concerned had drawn a line under the whole situation; "everyone's moved on", they said.

Because she doesn't have medical insurance, Alice (Biel) can't afford to undergo the operation to remove the offending nail, so she heads to Washington to campaign for better health care, where she meets a sleazy politician (Gyllenhaal).

At the same time, she battles the psychological effects (including mood swings and spontaneous sexual urges) brought on by her injury.

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