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Our staff made every responsible effort to safely diffuse this incident in the face of profanity and acts of misbehavior directed at them.None of our employees used profanity, made racial remarks or threw food but certain guests did.The long-running, competitive show stole our hearts from the start of cycle 1 back in 2003 when Tyra Banks was still our adored host.Since then, lots of drama has gone down each season of the show and the secrets have kept stacking up throughout the years.Each week, the selected panel of judges assesses each contestant on their overall appearance, performance, and best shot from the photo shoot that week.The judges vote on who to eliminate each week, but the votes are not always a unanimous decision. The over the top super model never veered away from the drama while she served as one of the panel judges for the show, so it is no surprise that her Tyra Banks did not get along very well.We are grateful to have been a part of West Bloomfield for more than two decades, and we look forward to continuing to serve our guests with a pleasant dining experience.

, she does not have the final say in who wins the competition.Ironically, two of those guests involved in this incident have falsely accused our staff of racial discrimination.The West Bloomfield police were called in during this incident to assist with the unruly behavior of certain guests.Jefferson said the managers and employees then helped hide the man when police had arrived."I suggest to all black people looking at this press conference that it's time for us to not spend our money with people that are racist. "Our civil rights leaders fought for over a century to secure a black citizen's right to have a seat at the table, and we refuse to backslide into a nation where black people are told to give up their seat to white people, where black people are denied service at restaurants," Davis said. Alexander refuses to recognize my client's dignity at a restaurant, we will make sure they recognize her dignity in a court of law."In response to the press conference, the restaurant released this statement, saying that none of its employees made racial remarks and that the restaurant is cooperating with police: Since opening our doors in West Bloomfield more than 21 years ago, J.Alexander's Restaurant has offered the highest quality food and professional service in a safe, respectful and welcoming environment.

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