Who is lisa hartman dating

He was instantly attracted to her looks and personality, while she herself was bowled over by his songwriting skills which border on the poetic.

The two eventually started dating and later tied the knot on the 20 of October 1991 in Texas.

Her acting debut came with a minor role in the 1977 TV film, Tabitha, The Love Boat, Where the Ladies Go, Magic on Love Island, Just Tell Me You Love Me, Jacqueline’s Susann’s Valley of the Dolls, Deadly Blessings, Knots Landing, Student Exchange, Roses are for The Rich, Bare Essentials, 2000 Malibu Road, Flicka: Country Pride is a sex-comedy film about a bunch of co-eds who journey to Florida for spring break.

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It was also nominated for Best Country Collaboration (With Vocals) at the 2000 Grammy Awards. Her father’s name is Howard Hartman while her mother’s name is Jonni.

Her sister, Terri, is an entertainment publicist and has worked on projects such as .

She has also provided publicity services for the likes of QVC and Revlon.

However, Hartman is so much more than all the above-mentioned facts.

She is an accomplished actress and has featured in several movies and TV series.

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