Who is matt lauer dating

reported, based on documents it obtained, that in the filing Roque called Lauer "extremely controlling" and accused him of "cruel and inhumane acts" that put her "physical and mental well-being" in danger.The divorce papers were withdrawn three weeks after they were filed after Lauer reportedly offered her "a post-nuptial agreement and millions more dollars." If Roque files for divorce now, "The Lauers think of Bright Side Farm as an extension of their own home—a gathering place, where clients and their horses are welcomed like they’re part of the family," the farm's website description reads.Additionally, he recently told reporters he feels bad that De Laurentiis’ marriage is strained.“The magazine now claims De Laurentiis and Mayer had an ‘affair’ and accuses De Laurentiis of having ‘close relationships’ that may have been romantic with both Lauer and Flay. De Laurentiis has given Gossip Cop an exclusive response to the tabloid’s mean-spirited and baseless allegations.”De Laurentiis and Thompson appear to be intent on keeping things civil, despite the reason they decided to separate.Star alleges De Laurentiis had an ‘outburst’ at The Standard hotel in New York on December 10 over a supposed ‘leak,’ and says ‘three different men’ are blackmailing her with cheating allegations. According to Giada’s statement on Facebook, the split is a difficult time, but they are optimistic about their futures living apart.“Todd and I share a beautiful daughter and a lifetime of great memories that we both treasure more than anything.One or two times you can say, "They don't know what they're talking about.They don't know talent when they see it." After the fifth time, if you don't look in the mirror and ask yourself some really serious questions about whether you're cut out to be in this business, you're an idiot.(2013) I don't find anything comes out of getting in someone's face during an interview and screaming...

But anyone who thinks that this new relationship is irking Roque would be wrong because she’s enthusiastic about closing the door on her marriage to Lauer.

Some of Lauer’s friends say that they have seen Lauer with the woman before his “They are going strong, but Matt is doing everything in his power to keep her a secret.

He’s been working very hard to have a good relationship with his kids, so he’s worried about what they’ll think.”Those who know Lauer say that he doesn’t want to do anything right now to upset his soon-to-be-ex, because the ink isn’t dry on their divorce agreement.

They hope to settle the divorce very soon.”Earlier this year, reported that Lauer's communication with Roque, was "heavily fragmented" even though Lauer "was still on the property where his wife of 20 years and three children are living in the Hamptons." The two were "barely speaking," a source told the celebrity magazine.

In April, Roque was spotted "taking time for herself" earlier this year in the Netherlands, where she was photographed in February having lunch with a female friend at Rijks, the restaurant at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum.

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