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The condition can be serious, but Perry’s rep confirmed at the time of the operation that he’s healing.

Unfortunately, the The unreliable outlet claims the actor is “on death’s door with as few as six months to live.” How did the tabloid come up with its diagnosis?

It should be noted, the publication doesn’t know much about the actor’s career either, as it’s insisted several times over the years that there would be both a “Friends” reunion and movie, neither of which have happened. "'Friends' star Matthew Perry is on the mend after recent surgery." Los Angeles Times.

Katie Holmes and Matthew Perry are called a “new couple” by the tabloid, alleging that Holmes’ alleged “romance with Jamie Foxx is on the decline.”“You can tell they really like each other a lot,” adds Several outlets have ran false reports that Holmes and Foxx are all over the board when it comes to the nature of their relationship.

It cleared up any doubts that Holmes is expecting a baby by writing that she “is NOT pregnant with Foxx’s baby or anyone else’s.” Additionally, Claudia Jordan didn’t “confirm” that Holmes and Foxx were dating. A huge rumor last week was that Foxx was “cheating” on Holmes with a blonde in Florida after a fundraising event.

That was shot down as well, with that she and Tom Cruise were headed for an “explosive showdown” over child support.

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OMG Theres rumours Matthew Perry and Courtney Cox are DATING!!! 😭😭😭 pic.twitter.com/Ac EOu FIf Zu — Marjolein Nap (@Marjolein Nap) December 18, 2015 Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry are rumored to be dating.

The medical professional doesn’t know the actor or the specifics of his condition. “Matthew Perry Recovering From Gastrointestinal Surgery.” E!

Regardless, Gossip Cop checked in with a spokesperson qualified to speak on the actor’s behalf, and we’re assured the tabloid’s article is “completely false.” Meanwhile, several news outlets with more credibility than the has published false reports about the actor’s health.

“She’s taken control of her life and is a lot stronger. ”The insider said the same is true for Tom in that he’s not going to make it easy for Katie due to his “pitbull attorneys.”This report was also debunked.

Holmes and Cruise aren’t going to court for an epic showdown.

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