Www thedatingpro com

Pros: Many great features to empower a developer to build a dating business website.

Cons: You need to be a developer to get the most out of this application and build a unique dating service.

I paid for them to add Pay Pal, it was never completed.

I paid for them to add Push Notification, doesn't work correctly; literally flashes for 1 second then closes.

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Pros: They whole pitch was a lie, they do not offer a dating solution, they offer a mess.

I study people for a living, and know that I am working with honest, intelligent and creative individuals. by Pilot Group on June 19, 2019 Hello, Mary Thank you very much for your review. Pros: Very little other that pre sales & customer support.

I liked the idea that it had won industry software awards and a white label option but not living up to expectations Cons: Not at all easy to use - quite archaic.

After several upgrades, add ons and change of template I have nothing like a working site that I am happy to advertise as it is still FULL of glitches from eye end, let alone the user end. When the developers are involved, you don't get confirmation of a solution.

So unwieldy visually, I paid for a Word press template upgrade - nothing like it.

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