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It's also easy to see that even with the best tools, the guy who only has tools can botch the meal -- but he does have an outside chance of getting something right every once in a while.This reminds me of our new product, the Attitude Supercharger Mindtrack, the second in the Mindtrack series (the first was the Belief Supercharger). In the first track, the Didactic Module, I talk about the rules and roles of right attitude like I would in a lecture setting.As a refresher, here are the Six Rules of Attitude: In the second track, the Integrative Module, I weave all the rules and roles of attitude in a story and metaphor format with guided meditation so that it really sinks in. The Tao of Dating is the thinking man's enlightened guide to success with women.It combines timeless truths of Eastern wisdom and Western science to bring you greater success and fulfillment in your life, especially when it comes to dating.

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