Yeshiva frum shiduch dating fun places and ideas

If she doesn't have a plan in mind, he can present her with his suggestions.

Girls prefer to know in advance the type of activity they'll do on the date so that they can dress appropriately, e.g.

While traditionally it is the boy's role to "make conversation" on a date, dating is more pleasant and productive for both parties when the girls does her part by facilitating conversation.

Boys appreciate it when the burden of keeping the talk flowing is shared more equally.

The girl should find out in advance the boy's plans for the dating venue, in order to make sure she is dressed appropriately.Part of checking out the boy should include finding out his preference: does he like the girls to dress up to the maximum or does he prefer a more subdued/less intimidating look?If the girl finds that the boy's preference is very different from her style, she might think about rejecting this shidduch rather than pretending she is someone whom she is not.It is often the boy who decides where the couple should go.A good practice is for the boy to plan one or more options for the date, and to find out, directly or through the shadchan, whether the girl has a particular venue or activity in mind.

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